This tea bowl is based on Japanese tea bowl shape called Banderai or horse bucket shape.

I apply white slip inside and outside the bowl and decorate it with glazes in Sancai-style. Sancai means 3 colours in Chinese, which refers to the use of up to three glazes (usually an amber, a white and a green but others combinations are also seen) to add colour and patters to low fired ware. For this particular shape, I use an amber and a black glaze to loosely evoke an image of blossoms on a twig.

I thrown the tea bowls on the wheel with a clay body that I mix in the studio, which becomes a soft-coloured terracotta.  I call it ‘peach body’.

Size: H 5.5 cm W 11 cm

Materials: mixed earthenware clay, white slip, glazes

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