These sets of tea bowls are part of the winter lockdown exploration of Japanese tea bowl shapes.

They are dipped in or brushed with white slip and decorated with glazes in Sancai-style. Sancai means 3 colours in Chinese (white, green and yellow but other combinations are seen) and refers to a popular type of ware that is fired at low temperature.

I thrown the tea bowls on the wheel with a clay body that I mix in the studio, which is a soft and light-coloured terracotta. I call it ‘peach body’.

A set of  two Tsu-tsu gata. Size: H 9 cm W 8 cm

A set of three Wan-nari. Size: H 8 cm W 10.5 cm

A set of two Banderai. Size: H 5.5 cm W 11 cm

Materials: mixed earthenware clay, white slip, glazes